After Truss, the UK can still rebuild its global reputation

From: Chatham House
Published: Fri Oct 21 2022


Following a chaotic few weeks as UK prime minister, Liz Truss has stepped down. And that is the best outcome for her party and for the country.

Liz Truss could not command support for her calamitous - and misnamed - mini-budget. And once her new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had overturned its provisions, she had no mission or credibility left.

The budget pushed interest rates higher and they did not fall much on the scrapping of it, leaving her open to the charge she pushed up mortgage and interest costs for every person and business in the country. Her apology for mistakes made' was not going to reverse that, so her MPs were right to tell her to go.

Her departure does mark a victory for at least some of the UK's institutions, even if it might not seem that way to observers around the world.

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