Can a cybercrime convention for all be achieved?

From: Chatham House
Published: Mon Apr 04 2022


A new UN cybercrime treaty process is raising strong awareness about one of the biggest global challenges and the complexities of addressing it.

At the end of February, negotiations for a UN treaty to counter cybercrime began. This is significant for many reasons.

Firstly, while there are several instruments that address cybercrime, this is not only the first time states are negotiating a binding UN instrument on cybercrime, but also the first time states are negotiating a binding instrument on any cyber issue.

Secondly, the convention has the potential of reducing impunity of cybercriminals by harmonizing national approaches to criminalization. Relatedly, the convention could play a crucial role in improving international cooperation by providing effective investigatory frameworks and facilitating cross-border data exchange.

Moreover, the convention could help build the capacity of countries with less experience in tackling cybercrime and provide the basis for technical assistance.

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