Collision risks in space due to mega-constellations

From: Chatham House
Published: Wed Oct 27 2021


Why the sporadic and uncontrolled launch of thousands of new mega-constellations are putting outer space security and safety at risk.

Mega-constellations are composed of several hundreds of highly networked satellites in low Earth orbit, and they are fundamental in providing uninterrupted communication through networks across the globe, enabling internet access even in remote areas.

The space industry has shown great interest in mega-constellations due to their expected high return on capital invested. SpaceX, via its Starlink satellite internet constellations, has already launched 60 satellites into low-earth orbit (LEO) in May 2021. It plans to launch thousands more in the coming years as part of its mega-constellation project. OneWeb, Amazon, and several other private space companies have similar ambitions.

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