Implementation plan for years 2-4 of Uniting the Movement published

From: Sport England
Published: Thu Dec 02 2021

Building the movement, meeting people where they're at and being the change are the primary focuses for us over the three years to April 2025.

We've published the plan for how we're going to implement the next three years of our 10-year Uniting the Movement strategy.

The 2022-25 plan details how we'll work towards our mission of transforming lives and communities through sport and physical activity.

Building on the lessons learned from our work throughout the pandemic, we'll target investment, resources and energy where it's needed most and will have greatest impact.

To create a more level playing field and tackle the inequalities that exist for people and groups, we'll introduce new and innovative ways to increase participation by listening to local communities, grassroots networks, sports clubs, their volunteers and our expert partners.

But we must first understand what people's and their communities' priorities are locally, what works best and where investment is most needed.

The publication of the three-year plan follows an extensive consultation with thousands of partners that are passionate about making sport and physical activity a normal part of life for everyone in England.

Each piece of work we're committing to will drive forward the five big issues and the catalysts for change at the heart of Uniting the Movement, which we identified as the biggest opportunities to make an impact over the course of the ten years.

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