2022 French Schools Abroad Week: French education for media literacy

Published: Wed Nov 30 2022

This unique school network made up of 567 schools in 138 countries included nearly 390,000 pupils in September 2022. It aims to provide a public service, educating French children abroad (a third of the pupils enrolled) and conduct cultural diplomacy, as the majority of the pupils are foreign (two thirds).

From the time they are in pre-school, students learn in a caring, intercultural, French-speaking and multi-lingual environment and set out on an exceptional academic path.

French education abroad is recognized for its excellence and its inclusiveness, and opens doors to the best international and French higher education institutions.

Olivier Becht is the sponsor of the 2022 French Schools Abroad Week focused on media and information literacy, a central issue at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The Minister Delegate will speak to pupils in French schools to pass on his message and support to them.

Media and information literacy is at the heart of teaching methods and curricula in French schools abroad, both inside and outside of the classroom. This cross-cutting theme has set the tone of the 2022-2023 academic year and events planned throughout the year, starting with French Schools Abroad Week.

Many innovative initiatives will be proposed in schools.

Trailer in French for the 2022 French Schools Abroad Week

For French Schools Abroad Week, (AEFE) will host a Live Debate dedicated to media and information literacy on Twitch.

At this event, 40 online schools across every continent will give pupils from all over the world a chance to be heard.

Short news programme, vox pop on decoding information, interviews, round tables: this Live Debate is an invitation to explore how information is received and analysed. It will get French schools abroad talking to each other about these key issues while promoting pupils' oral skills around the theme: Being informed in a connected world to shape knowledgeable citizens.

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