NATO - Q&A - (26.01.22)

Published: Thu Jan 27 2022

Q : Are France's NATO assurance measures calculated in the context of the military posture taken in the face of the Russian army?

A : France's participation in NATO's assurance measures falls under the framework of the Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). Since 2016, this collective mechanism has been deployed in Poland and in three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). The French Lynx mission, which includes at present over 300 soldiers and a dozen Leclerc tanks, is contributing to the eFP in Estonia. This mission, which is part of the alliance's military deterrence and defense posture, contributes to the safety of eastern allies, illustrates the allies' solidarity and demonstrates the alliance's ability to defend its territory. President Macron spoke of France's willingness to contribute to new NATO assurance measures, in particular in Romania, in a framework to be determined together with our allies. The minister discussed these priorities in detail yesterday with the NATO Secretary General during their conversation in Brussels.

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