Russia - Q&A - (26.01.22)

Published: Thu Jan 27 2022

Q : What is France's take on Russian troop movements? Are these movements illegal according to the bilateral Russia-NATO agreements that are currently in effect? Has France observed any Russian military or naval violations of customs practices and agreements on overflights and intrusive navigation?

A : Over the past several months, France has noted an unusual, substantial, concerning concentration of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border. President Macron, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Minister for the Armed Forces have shared their deep concern regarding these deployments with their Russian counterparts on several occasions these past few months. France, in full alignment with its allies and partners, has consistently maintained a very clear position on the massive consequences and heavy costs in the event of an attack on Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

As President Macron stated in Berlin yesterday, Russia is in the process of becoming a force of instability. All channels are being used in order to reengage Russia in a process of de-escalation.

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