Ukraine - Q&A - (24.01.22)

Published: Tue Jan 25 2022

Q : Do you plan on asking your Kiev embassy staff to leave Ukraine, as Washington and London have done? Also, what is your reaction to the information supplied by the Foreign Office accusing Russia of attempting to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev?

Q : The United States has announced the withdrawal of the families of its Kiev embassy staff. The United Kingdom is reportedly doing the same. Given France's EU presidency and status as a sovereign nation, what kind of decision can we expect from France on this issue?

A : We have taken note of the announcements made by the United States and the United Kingdom regarding the situation of their diplomatic personnel and their families in Ukraine. We have already expressed our concerns regarding Russia's military buildup along the border with Ukraine. Yesterday, we updated our traveler guidelines to recommend that French nationals in Ukraine and those who wish to travel there remain on high alert. We are monitoring the situation with the utmost attention. We continue to work closely with all of our partners, in particular our European partners, whom we spoke with today at the EU's Foreign Affairs Council, and we stand ready to change our position if warranted by the situation.

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