G7 - Participation of the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs in the G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting (Weissenhaus, 12-14 Ma

Published: Thu May 12 2022

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian will take part in the G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Weissenhaus, Germany, from May 12 to 14.

The ministers will review the support provided to Ukraine and Moldova in the face of the Russian aggression in Ukraine and will discuss the global consequences of the crisis, especially for food security.

The ministers will discuss measures to take with regard to Russia in response to its military aggression in Ukraine and ways to strengthen coordination and the resilience of democracies and their partners in dealing with the threats it poses to peace and international security. The Minister will emphasize in particular the consequences the crisis is having for the most vulnerable countries, particularly in the areas of food and energy security. He will reaffirm the goals of the FARM (Food and Agriculture Resilience Mission) initiative adopted by the European Council on March 24-25, which aims to ease commercial tensions, ensure solidarity among nations and boost the resilience of global agricultural systems

The ministers will address the continuation of their common commitments on the climate and the environment, ongoing G7 efforts to respond to the pandemic and prepare for future health crises, and the impact of these challenges on peace, global security and multilateralism.

Also on the agenda: relations with China, the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East, and the G7 partnership with Africa.

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