Haiti - Anniversary of the earthquake of August 14, 2021 (12 Aug. 2022)

Published: Fri Aug 12 2022

One year after the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14, 2021, France reaffirms our solidarity with the Haitian people, who have suffered from an alarming deterioration of the country's humanitarian, political and security environment.

France has continued to support Haiti after providing the country with funding, staff and logistical assistance immediately following the earthquake. In 2022, we provided ?25 million for development initiatives and ?7.25 million in humanitarian assistance, including ?4.25 million in food aid. We also contribute to the aid that Haiti receives from the European Union.

As the country undergoes a deep institutional crisis, France urges all of Haiti's political stakeholders to engage in a good-faith dialogue in order to come to an agreement that will enable the country to reach a consensus on plans for democratic elections. To this end, the appointment of a new interim electoral commission and the establishment of a mutually agreed-upon electoral calendar constitute critical steps. The need for a political agreement is all the more pressing given that Haiti is facing a large-scale security crisis marked by gangs' growing control of the country. France firmly condemns the serious acts of violence committed against the population, in particular during the July clashes in Cité Soleil.

France has worked to rally the international community once again by chairing and participating in several meetings with Haiti's partners over the past year, which have made it possible to consolidate political and financial support for the country. We will continue to pursue these efforts with all those who are committed to the re-establishment of Haiti's institutions as well as the restoration of security and development.

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