Iran - Arrest of two French nationals (12 May 2022)

Published: Thu May 12 2022

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs was informed of the arrest of two French nationals in Iran.

The French authorities are mobilizing all their efforts. As soon as we became aware of this situation, our ambassador in Tehran approached the Iranian authorities twice to obtain consular access to our two compatriots, and the chargé d'affaires at the Iranian Embassy in Paris was summoned by the Director-General for Political Affairs and Security.

The French government condemns this unfounded arrest. We demand the immediate release of these two French nationals and will continue to mobilize all our efforts for that purpose.

Q: We learned of the arrest of two French nationals (Mrs. Kohler and her husband) in Iran. What is your reaction? Do you know why they were traveling in Iran? Do you know why they were arrested and what they are being charged with?

A: Please consult today's statement.

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