Readout of the President's Calls with Senator Murray and Senator Kaine on the Build Back Better Act

Published: Fri Dec 03 2021

This afternoon, as he and his team continue to work toward passage of the Build Back Better Act in the Senate, the President had phone calls about this economic growth package for the middle class with Senator Patty Murray, and then with Senator Tim Kaine.

Each call focused on the need to reduce families' biggest costs - including prescription drugs and child care - to build on historic job creation by moving more Americans into the workforce, and fighting inflation for the long term, all of which independent experts confirm the Build Back Better Act would accomplish.

Senator Murray and the President discussed the unprecedented steps this legislation would take to help middle class families afford child care and to create the first-ever universal pre-k program across the United States. And Senator Kaine and the President spoke about the urgent need for action that reduces financial burdens on families.

The President looks forward to continued engagement with Senators on the Build Back Better Act in the coming days.

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