Readout of the President's Meeting with Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Durbin and Ranking Member Grassley

Published: Tue Feb 01 2022

President Biden hosted Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin and Ranking Member Chuck Grassley in the Oval Office this afternoon to hear their perspectives and advice about the historic nomination to the Supreme Court he will make later this month.

The President reiterated his commitment to being advised by senators from each party during this process before seeking bipartisan support for his nominee. He also expressed his appreciation to Senator Durbin and Senator Grassley for their insights and recommendations about how to move forward.

In the coming days and weeks, President Biden will continue to seek input from lawmakers and experts as he considers a range of highly qualified candidates. The President has accumulated a strong track record of selecting extraordinarily qualified and groundbreaking nominees, and he looks forward to consulting with his colleagues further as he takes on one of the most significant responsibilities of any president.

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