Readout of the President and Vice President's Meeting with Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats

Published: Fri Feb 11 2022

This afternoon, as part of their continued engagement with lawmakers in both parties about the Supreme Court nomination process, the President and Vice President hosted the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Oval Office.

As two former members of the committee, the President and Vice President emphasized that there are a wealth of extraordinarily qualified potential nominees under consideration who are dedicated to the Constitution and the rule of law, with top-rate legal intellects, and the strongest credentials, records, and character any person could possess. And that based on these qualities, any of the candidates being reviewed would be deserving of bipartisan support.

The President reiterated that, having chaired the Judiciary Committee and been involved with many confirmations, he has a unique appreciation for the significance of decisions about Supreme Court nominations, and that he welcomes the perspectives of Democrats and Republicans, as well as diverse legal experts and scholars, as he decides on a nominee later this month.

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