Remarks by President Biden to the Democratic National Committee National Finance Committee

Published: Mon Nov 07 2022

(Via Teleconference)

4:07 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: Jaime, thank you, pal. You know, that introduction is a little over the top for me, but I tell you what, it's not for your leadership.

And, Chris, you've done a hell of a job, pal. You have really done one incredible job. And thank you for leading in our finance effort. And the fact you had Virginia McGregor from Scranton with you, that - that helped a little bit too. Anyway. (Laughs.)

Look, I just went through the numbers. Let me say (inaudible) as well - I know you just said it - because I know how hard it is to raise a total of $292 million this cycle. I want you to know how grateful I am, how much it matters to everyone, how much it matters to our chances. And I want you to know that, you know, you helped get me and Kamala elected in 2020, and you raised a lot of money for us as well, but you helped generate support for our agenda during the last almost two years.

You kept us going. You helped - you helped generate so much. We got some really big things done. And some of the most consequential things ever accomplished by the narrowest of margins, the 50-50 Senate. I told Kamala, every time she votes, she wins. And she does.

And so we have a shot at keeping the Senate and increasing it. And I'm optimistic about the House as well.

You know, you guys represent everything that's good about our party, the reason why we got into politics in the first place. We got involved in politics first place to help people. We helped them get through the pandemic, helped them deal with the crises they all face, helped them with their healthcare, helped them across the board to take on powerful special interests, particularly Pharma.

You know, and we - (laughs) - I've been doing this for a long time. We finally beat Pharma because of your help.

You know, we take on powerful special interests working to give the middle class just a shot, just an even chance. As my dad used to say, "I don't expect the government to solve my problem, but I ex- - I just expect them to understand my problem."

So, what - here's what we did. We went out there, we took on those interests, we gave the middle class a fighting chance, we got a lot more to do - protect the climate and American jobs and ingenuity.

We passed the biggest climate bill ever, ever in American history - almost $400 billion.

It matters. It matters. It's just beginning to take hold. We did everything from the - anyway - we - I won't go into a whole everything we got done. But we also - most importantly, I think - fought to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms that bring people into the political process and make sure this democracy delivers.

That's what being a Democrat is all about. It's not about power for power's sake; it's about gaining power to work for people who need a little bit of help, just a shot. My dad used to say, "Just a shot. Just a shot. Just a little bit of breathing room." And that's what Democrats are all about. Again, not power for powers sake, but power for the good of the country.

And, you know, I know it's not easy - move this up. I know it's not easy. We're up against some of the darkest forces we've ever seen in our history.

These MAGA Republicans are a different breed of cat. This is not your father's Republican Party. It's a different deal. And that's what you - that's why what you did is so important because you are - we're in this election when history suggests we shouldn't be; we should be being blown away.

With your support, we've been able to get voters registered, get them to vote early, get them fully engaged, get them excited, and making them understand that this matters. It matters so much.

We've got one more night to do everything we can to win - another, probably, 30 hours between the last poll clo- - when the last poll will close. So let's go win this thing.

And no matter what happens tomorrow, we need you in the path ahead. We really do. We're just getting started. We're just getting started. And we have so much more we can do and to be proud of.

So, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You know, you're an incredible group of people. And the way you've gone out there and never let a moment go by without making our case is just incredible.

So I want to thank you again. God bless you all. And may God protect our troops.

And, by the way, you heard me say it a thousand times. As my Grandpop Finnegan used to say when I walked out the door, "Joey, keep the faith." And my grandmother would yell, "No, Joey, spread it."

You're spreading the faith. It really matters to our democracy. The rest of the world is looking to us as well - not just folks at home, the rest of the world. And you're allowing us to do it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

4:11 P.M. EST

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