Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi of the Republic of Iraq Before Bilateral Meeting

Published: Sat Jul 16 2022

11:56 A.M. AST

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Well, Mr. President, it's great to see you again. We've known each other for a long time. You are painstakingly building a Iraqi democracy, and it's moving.

And I just want the press to know and you to know: We want to be as helpful as we can in doing that. We have great resources and assets. And putting those together, it'll make a big difference for the region.

PRIME MINISTER AL-KADHIMI: (As interpreted.) Thank you, Mr. President. We consider our ties with the United States as one of friendship, a strategic relationship.

We work to implement all the articles of the Strategic Framework Agreement between Iraq and the United States regarding economic cooperation, cultural cooperation, educational, and also security cooperation and fighting terrorist organizations and ISIS.

I'm thankful for the United States, for all of the support that it provided to the - to Iraq throughout this war. And we seek even better relations.

11:58 A.M. AST

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