Remarks by Vice President Harris After the Senate Vote on the Women's Health Protection Act

Published: Wed May 11 2022

Q Madam Vice President, what does this vote mean? And what is your message to women and childbearing people in America about what's next?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Yeah, so, I just presided over the Women's Health Protective Act vote. And sadly, the Senate failed to stand in defense of a woman's right to make decisions about her own body.

And let's be clear, the majority of the American people believe in defending a woman's right, her choice to decide what happens to her own body. And this vote clearly suggests that the Senate is not where the majority of Americans are on this issue.

It also makes clear that a priority for all who care about this issue - a priority should be to elect pro-choice leaders at the local, the state, and the federal level, because what we are seeing around this country are extremist Republican leaders who are seeking to criminalize and punish women for making decisions about their own body.


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