58 million boost for museums, cultural organisations and libraries

From: Arts Council England
Published: Mon Mar 20 2023

The latest funding decisions for the Cultural Investment Fund have been announced today.

The Cultural Investment Fund, delivered by Arts Council England on behalf of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, is a package of the three capital funds: the Museum Estate and Development Fund, Libraries Improvement Fund and Cultural Development Fund. It is designed to protect and improve people's access to culture, regenerate communities, upgrade buildings and digital infrastructure and use investment to promote economic growth.

Round 2 of the Museum Estate and Development Fund and Libraries Improvement Fund, and round 3 of the Cultural Development Fund will see more than 70 cultural projects across the country given a financial boost by the government. It means they'll be able to open up the arts to more people, support local economic growth through culture and safeguard vital regional collections for future generations.

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Company: Arts Council England

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