5 considerations to reimagining digital transformation in public sector

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Published: Tue Feb 22 2022

Guest blog by Satpal Biant, Head of Public Sector at SAP UK & Ireland

The public sector is on the verge of a hybrid-working revolution due to technological advancements. Workers are choosing and selecting their next employment based on alignment of values, professional development possibilities, and work-life harmony, as the power balance between companies and employees shifts. Organisations have been under pressure to significantly expand their provision of public services and to revamp their operations at the same time, compelling them to embrace digital innovation in ways they have never done before. Let's examine five considerations of the digital journey that public sector organisations can embark to empower true change.

Leading though crisis

Begin by knowing the outcome you want to achieve: Every transformation starts with a strategy and behind every digital transformation sits technology, empowering organisations to achieve their strategic goals. Because the needs and demands of public sector organisations fluctuate, there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions or outcomes. As a result, it's critical to define and quantify what you wish to accomplish with your software. Whether it's enhancing the employee or citizen experience, streamlining operations, linking departmental data, analysing outcomes, making smarter decisions.

The benefit of smart data and processes

Data is at the heart of many digital transformations, but a lack of data consolidation and legacy systems is one of the most significant roadblocks to sector-wide success. Creating a single source of truth that enables advanced analytics and process automation can drive speedier decision-making and increased efficiency, as seen in the Netherlands' Province of Noord Brabant.

People are the key drivers of digital transformation

Traditional working practises in public sector have been shattered by the pandemic, prompting a shift toward hybrid working and a greater demand for workforce development. Public sector leaders can use AI-based Human Experience Management (HXM) tools to combine people and operational data to improve HR planning and forecasting. This can create a centralised picture of talent and resources across the organisation, allowing for greater talent mobility and more efficient human capital utilisation. It also enables engagement and collaboration regardless of location and therefore increasing effect.

The role of technology to drive innovation

The pandemic has hastened the pace of digital transformation. However, it is not just about technology. The public sector has looked for new ways to keep their residents safe while still providing essential services. During the epidemic, the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, reports a dramatic surge in data-driven innovation by local governments. For the first time, merging internal and external data sets to identify individuals who are especially sensitive to Covid, or using detailed postcode-level data on infection rates to drive outbreak containment efforts, are two examples. This is only possible when technology is used.

Creating exceptional citizen experience

Creating a citizen-centric public service is at the heart of the government's digital transformation agenda. However, the fragmented IT infrastructure and insufficient data exchange are impeding the delivery of these services. Cloud technology, AI, and process automation, can assist government organisations handle this difficulty by bringing together data from many sources to provide a 360-degree perspective of the citizen, allowing to identify citizens across various touchpoints of services and interactions.

In summary, the pandemic has demonstrated that traditional approaches to digital transformation which often involve complexity, high costs and delivery cycles that last for years, are no longer fit for purpose. Therefore, we created a new approach, RISE with SAP for Public Sector, our next generation modular cloud ERP applications to spearhead your digital and IT landscape strategy connecting and automating from the back office to the front office. Click here to learn more.

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