Adam Smith Inst - Wasting Millions of Pounds and Thousands of Lives

From: Think Tanks
Published: Thu Apr 14 2022

Emily Fielder, Head of Communications at the Adam Smith Institute, responded to the news that the Government is introducing offshore processing of asylum seekers in Rwanda

The Prime Minister has called the Government's decision to send asylum seekers to offshore processing centres 'innovative.' This overlooks the fact that Australia already has such a system in place; one which has been criticised for its failure to ensure basic human rights - hardly a model the UK should be following.

The inhumanity of this policy aside, it will neither deter asylum seekers from crossing the channel, nor will it cost the Government less. Rather than throwing out ineffective red-meat policies which will cost the British taxpayer millions of pounds, the Home Office should should work more constructively with European partners, and focus on evidence-based solutions to reducing dangerous asylum seeker crossings.

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