IEA - 44p for 44%: Cut duty and VAT to save households 650 a year

From: Think Tanks
Published: Wed Aug 17 2022

Andy Mayer, energy analyst at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, commented on rising fuel costs

July's inflation figures show a 44 per cent annual increase in the cost of motor fuels. Pump prices are currently 170-210p, putting a strain on both household and business finances.

The government cannot control global oil prices, or quickly fix twenty years of running down UK industry. But they can cut punitive taxes.

Fuel duty at 53p a litre is one of the highest carbon taxes in the economy. It could be reduced to 20p while still retaining a fair environmental signal.

VAT is applied to fuel duty adding 11p to pump prices. This double taxation could end tomorrow.

Removing 44p to address the 44 per cent rise in pump prices would cut the rise to around 20-25 per cent, dependent on future wholesale prices.

This would cost the Treasury around 11.5bn in 22/23* but save households an average 650 each.

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*Calculation assumes Sept 1st cut, reduction based then on 7 months and includes 20 per cent VAT cut

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