IPPR Scotland reacts to Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Groups interim report

From: Think Tanks
Published: Mon Mar 27 2023

Philip Whyte, director of IPPR Scotland reacts to Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group's interim report

“A minimum income guarantee is a simple but transformational idea. It is a universal guarantee of financial security and an income floor no one would fall beneath - with cross-party support and is a key Programme for Government commitment. This report is the next step in delivering that commitment, led by much of IPPR Scotland's thinking.

“While the current UK-wide social security system has inequity built-in by design, this report shows how a fully realised MIG can radically reform the social safety net - reducing poverty, increasing wellbeing, and building a stronger and more prosperous economy.

“However, while long-term ambitions are important, they shouldn't come at the expense of short-term progress. The report also includes some immediate steps to set us on the right path and it's now on government to deliver those quickly, while using every lever available to address the financial insecurity people are facing here and now.”


The Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group Report has been published this morning on the Scottish Government website and can be accessed here: Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group Interim Report - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

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