AI governance must balance creativity with sensitivity

From: Chatham House
Published: Thu Jun 08 2023


Artificial intelligence (AI) can transform lives but policy and regulation must ensure it benefits all rather than maintains the status quo for a privileged few.

The mass adoption of generative AI - programmes designed to generate ‘new' content - in some parts of the world has sparked important debates on the responsible development and deployment of this technology, and how to mitigate its risks.

Just as Rishi Sunak is set to discuss the UK's role in developing international regulation of AI with Joe Biden, a number of industry leaders from the field have co-signed a one-sentence statement warning of the ‘risk of extinction from AI'.

While regulatory responses have been slow compared to the mass deployment of generative AI, policies and legislative processes are starting to take shape across many jurisdictions.

But despite the unprecedented and transnational nature of this technology, common approaches to its governance are still few and far between with solutions mainly conceptualized in line with domestic or regional policy frameworks.

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