Discover why UK SBS uses CCS to procure its energy efficiency requests

From: Crown Commercial Service
Published: Thu May 25 2023

In this case study, you will learn how UK Small Business Services (UKSBS) uses Crown Commercial Service's energy agreement to further its sustainability goals.

UK SBS provides end-to-end procurement services for its clients, owners, and partner organisations for Buildings and Energy, Professional Services, Digital, Data Technology and Goods & Self-Serve. The organisation aims to provide as much value to their customers as possible.

In 2021, UK Small Business Services (UK SBS) furthered its sustainability goals using the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA) agreement.

The structure of the HELGA DPS generates and encourages more competition because new suppliers are continuously being added to the agreement. As a result, it's helping to broaden the market, making it more competitive and innovative in line with government needs, like sustainability, social value, and carbon emissions reductions.

Rhedyn Griffiths, Category Strategy Lead in the Buildings & Energy Team at UK SBS, explains:

Whenever we use the HELGA DPS, we're extending that market of net zero suppliers, which significantly benefits other public sector users. That helps our customers achieve their net zero ambitions more efficiently.

To learn how CCS is helping give more power to UK SBS's procurement:

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