How to implement innovative virtual wards and remote patient monitoring technology

From: Crown Commercial Service
Published: Tue Feb 07 2023

With the support of NHS England, our Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has been enhanced to simplify the procurement of virtual wards and remote patient monitoring technology.

Increasingly, people across England are benefitting from being treated at home on a virtual ward. This innovative approach is delivering high quality care, safely and conveniently for patients at home - where they would rather be. Virtual wards provide hospital level care and remote monitoring for patients who would otherwise be in hospital, either by preventing admissions or allowing them to return home sooner to continue their treatment at home.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to provide digital solutions to patients and staff quickly. As integrated care systems (ICSs) continue to focus on staff wellbeing and recovery of health services to pre-pandemic levels, they have learnt to rapidly and consistently adopt new models of care that exploit the full transformation potential of digital technologies and cloud computing, including private, public, hybrid and multi-clouds.

What does the Spark DPS offer?

The Spark DPS is an innovation marketplace where suppliers can join and offer cutting edge technology solutions at any time, rather than having to wait until new agreements are available.

Spark is the approved route to market from NHS England and we have been working closely with them to make sure we have the right supplier, technology and services mix to meet the specific needs of the NHS. Together, we have updated Spark to include 4 new areas:

  1. virtual wards
  2. long term condition (remote monitoring)
  3. continuous monitoring
  4. spot monitoring

This provides digitally enabled clinical care pathways for buyers such as commissioners within NHS England, social care organisations, clinical commissioning groups, primary care networks, NHS trusts and NHS special health authorities.

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