Is Poland back on track?

From: Chatham House
Published: Tue Oct 24 2023


The new Polish government should now build a lasting security partnership with Ukraine.

prove himself back in his old role. In 2014, when Tusk was leaving for Brussels, Russia had just invaded Crimea while some of Europe remained set on economic cooperation and building partnerships with Vladimir Putin.

Today, Tusk will resume his premiership in radically different circumstances: with Ukraine, Poland's neighbour, engulfed in a war with Russia, strained relationships with the EU, and looming US elections that could endanger commitments from Poland's biggest military ally.

The run-up to the Polish election saw a deepening rift between Poland and Ukraine, despite unprecedented military cooperation between the two countries since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. As an eastern flank state and the key channel of US armament deliveries to Ukraine, Poland has a high stake in the war across the border. For the incoming government, the question of national security must be high on the agenda.

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