Keeping your fleet safe on the road this winter

From: Crown Commercial Service
Published: Thu Dec 08 2022

In this article you can find out how we can help you safety proof your fleet this winter

As we move into winter, Fleet Managers need to ensure that their fleet is safe and ready for the upcoming cold and difficult weather.

According to the Met Office, the UK gets 23.7 days of snowfall per year. Without proper planning and winter provisions in place, this could result in a large number of vehicles being off the road at any one time. This presents a wide range of problems for fleets such as unsuitable tyres, cracked windscreens and faulty heaters.

Our aim is to help you continue to deliver vital public services, regardless of what the weather throws at you. That's why we developed our Tyres, Glass and Fast Fit Solutions framework; afull service solution for fleet maintenance that provides quality products and services at the best possible price.

What can you buy?


Wet, icy and snow covered roads are problematic for all drivers, not least for fleets dedicated to delivering public services - which is why it is important that vehicles are equipped with tyres that can handle varying conditions.

Our framework provides supply, fit, repair and management of tyres at short notice on a regional or national basis, and also mobile fitting services. Vehicles of all sizes are covered, from motorcycles to HGVs, as well as associated services, such as re-treading.

Maintenance and Fast Fit

Perfect for ensuring your fleet is roadworthy during the winter period, you can buy a wide range of products and services to keep your fleet running efficiently and effectively such as fog lights, heating system repairs and wiper blade replacements.

Glass Solutions

During the winter windscreens are under more stress than ever. As the cold temperatures on the outside of the vehicle clash with the warm temperatures on the inside, any chips in the glass could lead to cracks, resulting in time off the road. Our framework provides supply, fit and repair of vehicle glass products, as well as any other associated glass and windscreen services. Whether it be your standard passenger vehicles, larger commercial and operational vehicles or emergency response vehicles, we've got you covered. Additionally, our suppliers can provide repair and fit windscreens in just 2 hours.

We are here to help

Through our Tyres, Glass and Fast Fit Solutions framework, it's easier than ever to keep your fleet in the best condition, whatever your requirement and location. To find out more:

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