Animal Health and Welfare Equipment and Technology grants: help shape the next round

From: Future Farming
Published: Mon Jul 24 2023

In March, we took another step forward on the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway by launching the first round of the Animal Health and Welfare Equipment and Technology grant.

Grants ranging from £1,000 to £25,000 were offered towards the cost of items on a list. These items were chosen for their ability to improve the health and welfare of livestock and support our priorities.

The first round received a high level of interest from a range of sectors. As we evaluate how things went and look to the next round of the grant, we'd like you to share your thoughts.

In this post, we'll explain how.

Get involved

If you're a farmer, supplier, industry consultant or manufacturer, we want to hear from you.

We seek your feedback on 2 aspects of the grant:

  1. The specifications for items on the list
  2. The sectors eligible for the items

Please share your views through the survey

It will remain open until 7 August.

Reviewing specifications

Each specification sets out the minimum criteria an item must satisfy to be eligible for funding. For example, it might list the minimum capacity for a water tank or the material of the tank.

A clear specification is important because it ensures applicants understand exactly which pieces of equipment or technology are eligible for support.

It also helps us to ensure that grants are targeted at high-quality items that deliver health and welfare benefits.

For example, farrowing arks for pigs that are fully insulated with extra ventilation better protect a sow and her piglets from extreme temperatures.

The current specifications are included in the list of items that were eligible for the first round.

If you think an aspect of the specifications should be changed, please let us know through the survey.

Sector eligibility

At the moment, our list of items includes some equipment that is available to all sectors and some which were only available to a specified sector.

It may be that some of these items could be useful to farmers from other sectors.

As part of the survey, you can suggest changes to which sectors are eligible for items already on the list.

Carrying out regular evaluations of our grants helps us ensure they work well, so please share your views. If you have any questions about the survey, leave a comment below.

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