Covid spring booster 2023: Everything you need to know

From: Department of Health and Social Care Media Centre
Published: Wed Apr 19 2023

Five million eligible people, including over 75s and those aged five and over with a weakened immune system, are now able to book their spring Covid vaccine booster.

Here's everything you need to know about the rollout.

Am I eligible for a spring Covid booster?

People being offered a spring Covid vaccine booster include:

  • people aged 75 years and over
  • those in care homes for older adults
  • those aged 5 years and over with a weakened immune system, such as those who have a blood cancer or a genetic disorder affecting the immune system (you can find a summary of other conditions here).

This is because Covid can be more serious in older people and in people with certain underlying health conditions.

When is the booster available and how do I book an appointment?

We are already offering appointments to eligible people.

Invitations are being issued through the NHS App, where you can book an appointment.

Text messages, emails and letters are being sent to those without the app or not actively using it, including details of how to book an appointment.

You can also book a Covid booster appointment online now.

Which vaccine will I receive?

You will be given a booster dose of a vaccine made by Pfizer, Moderna or Sanofi and approved in the UK.

These vaccines have been updated since the original vaccines and target different Covid variants.

A small number of people may be advised by their doctor to get another vaccine product.

The updated vaccines boost protection well and give slightly higher levels of antibodies against the more recent strains of Covid, such as Omicron, than the original vaccines.

All vaccines being used in the UK have undergone robust clinical trials and have met the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency's (MHRA) strict standards of safety, effectiveness and quality.

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