APCC Chair Responds to The Judges Decision to Lift Anonymity For The Firearms Officer Charged With The Murder Of Chris K

From: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
Published: Tue Oct 31 2023

APCC Chair yesterday responded to the judge's decision, to lift anonymity for the firearms officer charged with the murder of Chris Kaba.

Donna Jones, Chair of the APCC and Police and Crime for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight:

“The judge's decision today to lift the anonymity of the MET firearms officer will inevitably draw more attention to the processes involved post the discharge of a weapon in the line of duty.

“It's important that the criminal justice process proceeds as quickly as possible for the family and loved ones of all involved. The APCC will be monitoring all legal proceedings and supporting the Home Office review of firearms practices across England & Wales.

“Thankfully firearms are rarely discharged by police officers on the streets of Britain. When they are, it is right and proper that a full and thorough review of the discharge of the weapon is undertaken. The time it takes for the IOPC to conclude these reviews is often too long, due to the volume of police referrals they are managing. As police and crime Commissioners we have a legal duty to ensure the processes surrounding safety and security of firearms, both for the public and those carrying them is of the highest standard. I have made this point formally to the Home Secretary and welcome the review she has announced.”

Company: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

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