APCC Leads Comment on The Home Office Led Drive to Reduce Homicides Associated With The Night-Time Economy

From: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
Published: Tue Dec 12 2023

Following research commissioned by the Home Office, which demonstrated that the largest cluster of homicide victims between April 2019 and March 2022 was males aged over 25 killed in a public space, the Home Office has decided to launch an initiative aimed at reducing homicides in this cluster.

The research demonstrated that of the 447 homicides in this cluster, 42% (186 in total) were alcohol related and 58% (260 in total) were drug related, meaning that the victim or perpetrator had consumed alcohol or drugs at the time of the homicide. As a result, the initiative will predominantly focus efforts in and around the night-time economy.

The national initiative will have two elements. A communications campaign aimed at raising awareness and influencing behavioural change, and force-led activity which will focus operational strategies in hotspot areas in an effort to drive down homicides associated with the night-time economy over the Christmas period.

APCC Serious Violence & Homicide Leads, Cleveland PCC Steve Turner and West Midlands PCC Simon Foster, yesterday said:

“We welcome the policing led drive to reduce homicides associated with the night-time economy, particularly over the busy Christmas period. Thankfully, we are seeing homicide rates reducing in numbers across the country, nevertheless it is vital we stay ahead of emerging trends and threats to ensure the downward trajectory continues.

“This campaign will intensify prevention and enforcement activity across the Night-Time Economy (NTE) which is particularly welcome given the usual spike in alcohol-fuelled violence over the festive period. As APCC portfolio leads for Serious Violence and Homicide, we will continue to play our part by raising awareness among the public of the campaign and supporting the Home Office to maximise its impact and effectiveness across our communities.”

Company: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

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