APCC responds to confirmation nitrous oxide will be banned from 8th November

From: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
Published: Wed Nov 08 2023

APCC Addictions & Substance Misuse Leads, Durham PCC Joy Allen and Dorset PCC David Sidwick, have welcomed confirmation from the Government that nitrous oxide (laughing gas) will be illegal from November 8 2023.

“We welcome the ban that comes into force. At this point, it will be an offence to possess and supply nitrous oxide for the purpose of wrongful inhalation.

“Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales have campaigned strongly for a ban and warmly welcome this development. It will ensure police officers can respond more effectively to community concerns about the use of nitrous oxide in public spaces and will send out a clear message to deter use of the drug among young people in the future.

“Enforcement will need prevention measures alongside as well. We will continue to work together with our health colleagues to educate young people against risk-taking with drugs and will push for improved research and monitoring to fully understand the health and other risks associated with this drug and maximise the outcome of future prevention measures.”

Company: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

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