A UK Tech Plan: How the next Government can use technology to build a better Britain

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Published: Tue Jun 06 2023

techUK is excited to announce the publication of our UK tech plan: How the next Government can use technology to build a better Britain.

techUK worked with our nearly 1000 members, ranging from SMEs, to UK champions and global businesses, to set out the sector's view on how the next government can utilise technology to create a better Britain for people, society, the economy and the planet. The Plan contains bold ideas on digital regulation, economic reform and public service reform, while outlining how the technologies of tomorrow can be best developed and deployed

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As the UK approaches a General Election, there is a strong sense among the public and the business community that we face a series of fundamental challenges that will test the country whoever forms the next Government.

The public will want the next Government to give them confidence over their own and their children's futures, set out solutions to economy-wide challenges such as a lack of business investment and stagnant productivity growth, ensure our public services can survive the challenges that the 21st century will throw at them, and have a plan for how the UK can play its part in combatting climate change.

Doing more with less

However, the next Government will have fewer resources to tackle these challenges. A series of crises from the 2008 financial crisis, to the pandemic and war in Europe have been compounded by the end of ultra-low interest rates. This means that, in an increasingly complex and demanding world, the next Government will simply have to do more with less.

Despite this difficult context, an enormous opportunity is emerging with the increasing pace and power of technological innovation, offering solutions to the challenges the country faces. This opportunity is recognised right across our economy and society with virtually every business sector and public service seeing digital technology as the engine that will drive business growth or deliver more efficient, better and more resilient public services.

The challenge the next Government will face is how to ensure the opportunity presented by technological innovation is not missed.

Seizing the opportunity

The UK has established itself as a leading tech economy, with a strong digital sector and globally leading research and start-up ecosystem. The tech sector is one of the UK's modern economic success stories, with its contribution to the economy rising over 25% between 2010 and 2019, and now adding over 150 billion. This makes it one of the country's most valuable economic assets1 and the leading tech sector in Europe.

However, our success must not breed complacency. There is now a fierce global race over the key technologies that will shape the future: from AI and Quantum to green technologies and semiconductors, competition between governments to attract talent, bring in investment and grow tech clusters is greater than ever. If the next Government does not make the most of the UK's strengths, there is a real risk of it falling behind.

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