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From: techUK
Published: Wed Sep 20 2023

Welcome to the techUK's AI Safety Summit Hub! Check back here to receive the latest developments on the UK's AI Safety Summit, relevant events and activities being run by techUK, and some insights from our members to help inform the discussion.

On the 7th June the Prime Minister announced that the UK will host the first major global summit on AI safety. Further details in recent weeks have confirmed that this two-day AI Safety Summit will take place on the 1-2 November in Bletchley Park with five key objectives, including developing a shared understanding of the risks posed by frontier AI, agreeing areas for potential collaboration on AI safety research and showcasing how the safe development of AI can enable AI to be used for good globally.

In the lead up to the AI Safety Summit techUK is creating a programme of engagement for members to discuss some of these topics in-depth and discuss what a good outcome for the Summit looks like in practice. We're also creating a guide to the AI Safety Summit to keep you up to date with the latest developments as we progress closer to the event.

During the upcoming weeks we will be updating this page with events, articles and other relevant content to help inform the discussion. If you'd like to contribute, please get in touch with

1 - A guide to the AI Safety Summit

2 - Events and activities

3 - Members' thoughts and use case studies

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