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Published: Tue Jan 09 2024

We are seeking member input in to our 2024 Climate, Environment and Sustainability work.

As we return from crimbo we are looking for member input in to our 2024 Climate, Environment and Sustainability work. The below draft shows our proposed working groups, policy priorities and outputs and we'd love your views on what else to include, what is unnecessary and any other ideas you may have. To join any of our groups or mailing lists you can do so via our member portal, or alternatively email Lucas.Banach@techUK.org.

We've also got some flexibility built in to allow for reactive policy work, industry developments plus the small matter of a General Election that will inevitably see some policy shifts and delays.

Our 2024 mailing lists and working groups

  • Climate Council - this is closed to members as has been freshly re-elected for a 2-year term (expires Nov 2025) and sets our strategic direction on climate.
  • Climate, Environment and Sustainability preference - this is our main list for climate, environment and sustainability issues to which this email has been sent. This list is used to send event/meeting/webinar invitations, policy developments and opportunities for members (for example a chance to speak at webinars, participate in consultations etc.)
  • Responsible Business Conduct - this broadly covers ESG reporting/disclosure as well as business and human rights. 2024 will focus on mandatory due diligence, incorporating good corporate governance processes, how to do supply chain transparency and support ESG disclosure best practice (TNFD, CSRD, CS3D, new SDRs and scope three emission reporting in the UK).
  • Digital Device Environment Group - This is limited to manufacturers and is our working for circular economy (WEEE recycling, batteries, packaging), eco-design, energy labelling, and chemicals. The main priority is the WEEE/batteries reforms and packaging EPR, but we will also look at innovation and circular business models.
  • Sustainability Strategy Forum - This will look at those higher level more strategic discussions on tech and sustainability. This is being redesigned so please email Weronika.Dorociak@techUK.org for more information.
  • ESG marketing forum - this forum is aimed at marketing/comms/PR/public affairs professionals in membership who want to network and discuss how sustainability features in their comms and marketing efforts. Please email Weronika.Dorociak@techUK.org for more information.

2024 focus areas

  • Sprint campaigns. techUK intends to run quarterly ‘sprint campaigns' looking at different areas, and these will most likely be:

    • Industrial decarbonisation - Emerging from work government interest and engagement with Broadway Initiative, we want to help members understand the barriers and work with manufacturers across the economy to using digital tools to decarbonise. Mia is leading this, and you can email Mia.Haffety@techUK.org if interested.
    • Emerging tech for adaptation and resilience - Building on our COP 28 roundtable how can techUK members develop and deploy tech to improve resilience to climate risk and help sectors/communities adapt better to climate.
    • Green digital skills - What can the tech sector to do develop ‘green digital skills.
  • Biodiversity workstream - there has been a strong growth in interest in nature following COP 15 and the publication of TNFD, so we'll be setting up a workstream on tech and biodiversity.
  • AI and sustainability - Exploring a key set of recommendations on how AI can be developed and deployed in a sustainable manner.
  • Resource efficiency and innovation - How can techUK members better enable circularity with evolving business models and innovations.
  • Informal CSRD group - The new EU CSRD rules (due to come in soon) will impact members with European operations, so we will set up an informal working group to share best practice and how best to integrate CSRD compliance internally.
  • Monthly sustainability update - These monthly calls are an opportunity to learn what techUK is doing on sustainability and get a monthly readout on new policies, regulatory risks and industry trends.
  • Peer review of modern slavery statements - Members to review each other's modern slavery statements to improve the overall standard of reporting in the sector.
  • There will be ad-hoc webinars/calls in response to policy issues arising (for example UK SDRs, WEEE, and new disclosure regulations).
  • Product Compliance event - Following a PTPS and DDEG, we will run an event to look at product compliance so it covers both product technical policy and sustainability for manufacturers of tech products.
  • 2x Tech Led Decarbonisation Showcases - These will be showcases for firms with interesting decarbonisation solutions to pitch to organisations that need them. We are looking to host them in Manchester and one of Cardiff, Birmingham or Bristol. Anyone interested in potentially hosting. should email Craig.Melson@techUk.org.
  • Summer networking event - An informal meet up for members in the programme. Members looking to host or sponsor should email Craig.Melson@techUK.org.
  • A Circular Economy for Tech - how is the sector responding to the challenges of embedding circular economy practices into their business models, products and operations.
  • A paper, co-branded with WWF will be published shortly on how agri-trade can be delivered more sustainable by better use of technology.
  • Tech and Net Zero - Our flagship techUK conference looking at how the sector is making progress towards net zero & supporting other sectors - October (contact Margot.Stumm@techUK.org for sponsorship opportunities).
  • Monthly educational webinars on operationalising sustainability - Following the success of the 2023 webinar series, we will do a new series of monthly webinars to aid members with sustainability. Proposed (not definite yet) topics are (and please feel free to nominate experts/speakers).
    • An introduction to TNFD
    • Supplier questionnaires: How to both ask the right sustainability questions (and verify answers) and how best to respond to questions received from your customers.
    • How to approach corporate governance to embed ‘responsible business' for example using frameworks like RACI.
    • How to review code/software you use for energy efficiency.
    • Strategies to procure and measure renewable energy.
    • Calculating and reducing carbon in your IT and operations
    • Employee and customer engagement on emissions reduction and sustainable behaviour change.
    • Proving the sustainability credentials of projects to customers
    • How does the proposed UK green taxonomy (when published) impact tech companies

Policy and public affairs priorities

  • This will be dictated somewhat by the election timeline
  • Roundtables on ESG disclosures and supply chain transparency.
  • The development and publication of policy briefs and a short ‘green tech manifesto' to influence policy makers of all parties.
  • Support external organisations such as the Environment APPG and Broadway Initiative to influence MPs on the role of digital tech in sustainability.
  • Some key policy issues we will be working on are:
    • WEEE and batteries consultations
    • Scope 3 emissions reporting and the development of a UK green taxonomy and Sustainability Disclosure Requirements.
    • The UK is not introducing mandatory due diligence laws, but we will be engaging with government as due-diligence and modern slavery policy evolved..
    • Policy recommendations arising from out spring campaigns.
    • Overcoming barriers to adopting clean tech (in partnership with other trade bodies/coalitions)
    • Monitoring evolving EU law and helping members understand their exposure to EU regulatory risks.

If you are not a member, but like what you see or want to get more information on joining please email Craig.Melson@techUK.org.

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