High-quality worthwhile should be the tenets of university degrees say TechSkills techUK

From: techUK
Published: Tue Jul 18 2023

To ensure that university leads to good employment outcome, we need to ensure that courses are developed and delivered with a clear focus on job-readiness and creating an aptitude for learning.

The government has committed to "cracking down on rip-off universities degrees". Figures from the Office for Students show that nearly three in ten graduates do not progress into highly skilled jobs or further study 15 months after graduating. The Institute for Fiscal Studies also estimates that one in five graduates would be better off financially if they had not gone to university.

We need to ensure that public investment in universities allows people to access employment and good jobs--while also giving them the skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

Commenting on this issue, Julian David, interim CEO of TechSkills, a techUK company, yesterday said:

"University degrees must be high-quality and directly relevant to ensure favourable employment outcomes. The Tech Industry Gold accreditation, a unique collaboration between universities and industry, achieves this exact result, and is committed to addressing the low employment rates of computer science graduates.

"Tech Industry Gold's approach is founded on close collaboration between universities and industry, working hand-in-hand to curate and recognise courses that effectively bridge the gap between education and employment. The remarkable outcomes of this partnership have been evident, with a significant reduction in unemployment rates from 8% to 3% compared to traditional computer science degrees. This successful collaboration has also fostered greater diversity, resulting in a doubling of women participants and an impressive 37% of graduates from ethnic minority backgrounds.

"The success of Tech Industry Gold demonstrates the pivotal role that industry-led accreditation plays in signalling to employers and learners alike the focus on employment outcome, with potential for broader impact. An extensive accreditation approach will ensure government-funded courses align with industry needs, securing public investment in training and job opportunities."

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