How do we ensure the responsible use of new technologies? techUK Digital Ethics Summit agenda now live

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Published: Mon Nov 13 2023

Join us for techUK's Digital Ethics Summit on 6th December.

On Wednesday 6 December 2023, techUK and partners will bring together world leading academics, philosophers, lawyers, technology experts, policy makers and other key stakeholders at techUK's seventh Digital Ethics Summit.

Sessions will include:

  • The UK approach to AI Regulation - What's next for the AI White Paper and does the UK need to move faster?
  • Moving the needle towards personalised healthcare, how do we address the legal, social, and ethical implications?
  • Enablers of AI Regulation - What is the role of AI assurance, auditing, and standards in putting the AI White Paper approach into practice?
  • The role of public engagement in helping to build public trust and confidence in the use of AI.
  • Shaping an ethical future for British jobs.
  • Energy and AI - What are the enablers and solutions to help us get this right? 
  • What will holding elections in an era of generative AI be like and what can we do to prepare?
  • Media reporting on AI and the importance of getting the balance right.

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At this crucial moment in the AI conversation where ethical issues raised by AI have become the global news story discussed in parliaments, offices, schools and homes, this year's Summit has never been more important. The event will evaluate where we are right now, analyse how we shape what comes next, and agree how we can seize this moment to build the right policy, governance and regulatory frameworks and ensure the responsible use of these technologies.

With the global conversation moving forward at pace, this year's Digital Ethics Summit will dive deeper into what international commitments on AI safety really mean in practice, whether we have the right institutions and voices in this debate to make the most of this moment in time, and how we carry this momentum forward into 2024.

This year's Summit will also explore in detail the current state of play with the UK's AI White Paper and the role of the digital ethics community in supporting UK regulators to get this right. Given the concerns being raised about the impact of AI on people, society, the economy and the planet, the Summit will unpack a breadth of topical issues from how we best prepare people for the future of work, to the potential impact of deepfakes ahead of upcoming elections, and the ethical implications of technological advances given the current climate emergency.

Event information

Date: Wednesday 6 December
Timings: 09:00 - 18:00 GMT (please note timings may be subject to change as the agenda is finalised)
Tickets: The Digital Ethics Summit is free to attend, please register here to reserve your place.

Contact: Contact if you need any help registering.

For more on AI, including upcoming events, please visit our AI Safety Summit Hub.

How do we ensure the responsible and safe use of powerful new technologies?

Join techUK for our 7th annual Digital Ethics Summit on 6 December. Given the ongoing concerns about the impact of emerging tech, the Digital Ethics Summit will explore AI regulation, preparing people for the future of work, the potential impact of misinformation and deepfakes on elections, and the ethical implications of tech on the climate emergency.

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