IEA - Football regulator will hold clubs back

From: Think Tanks
Published: Fri Feb 24 2023

Professor Len Shackleton, Editorial and Research Fellow at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, commented on the Government's release of the football regulator white paper

The Government's plans for a football regulator will limit investment, restrict competition and hold back development across the leagues. Fan vetoes will give power to supporters' groups who are often unrepresentative and could hold back much needed reforms, such as ground changes, which would ultimately benefit clubs.

The regulator will be subject to lobbying from all sorts of special interests. Its power to enforce redistribution is in effect a form of taxation which should not be imposed without specific Parliamentary sanction. And the proposed changes to corporate governance, such as a requirement for sustainable business plans, risks diverting effort into activities which have nothing to do with football.

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In March 2022, the IEA published Red Card: Why English Football doesn't need an independent regulator'.

IEA spokespeople are available for interview and further comment.

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