IPPR says Labour right to stick with climate spending pledge

From: Think Tanks
Published: Mon Jun 12 2023

Luke Murphy, associate director at IPPR responded to last Friday's announcement by Rachel Reeves to phase in Labour's £28 billion a year green investment pledge

“It's good to see Labour remains committed to its Green Prosperity Plan. The investment would be transformational for the economy and environment.

“Spending to invest in long-term, job generating, green industries of the future is vastly different from borrowing to fund irresponsible tax cuts.

“Smart investment can boost GDP more than it raises debt. A rigid focus on getting debt down will result in us shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Luke Murphy, associate director at IPPR, is available for interview


Liam Evans, Senior Digital and Media Officer: 07419 365334 l.evans@ippr.org


  1. IPPR originally called for the government to spend £30bn a year on green investment in its 2021 Environment Justice Commission
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