JES Meeting Summaries | RASSO Tech Working Group | February, 2023

From: techUK
Published: Wed Mar 22 2023

Within February's Working Group meeting, members discussed the Police Digital Service's (PDS) technical workstreams and the Group's priorities members inputted their ideas towards

Members discussed…

  • The Police Digital Service (PDS)'s RASSO workstreams; PDS stakeholders held extensive discussions regarding the institution's technical projects in the Digital Evidence Programme, Problem/Opportunity Statement, and Characterisation of current System Architecture. Including the Home Systems programme, and other efforts to transfer Policing's complex application of digital technology, the agency faces a challenging role in developing the requirements and analysis of Policing investigations.
  • Priorities; Members discussed the proposed priorities they inputted to the Programme for the Working Group, including potential specific output including possible Reports/white-papers, and analysis work in the current policy landscape of RASSO.

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