Making the MOD an information-driven organisation

From: Defence Digital Defence
Published: Tue May 02 2023

The Ministry of Defence employs around 250,000 people and works with over 355,000 employees of partners and suppliers. It has established a vast amount of knowledge and information across the military and civil service, including in areas such as science, technology and medicine.

The challenge the MOD faces is how to use that knowledge and information to help meet its overarching objectives and capability needs.

With support from senior levels of the organisation, the first step was to set up The Digital Foundry to help focus on digital delivery for Defence users.

The Foundry has undertaken a number of projects analysing the issues, needs and potential ways forward. One of these was the introduction of the Content and Transaction Services (CTS).

CTS will support the MOD's Digital Strategy for Defence vision. It will allow the MOD to become a dynamic, information-driven organisation in support of its organisational and operational needs. It will achieve this by allowing users to create, find and use content more easily.

CTS will deliver:

  • improved availability, findability and accessibility of content
  • a more streamlined user experience with cross content platform access, improved platform interfaces and reduced duplication of content
  • a more digitally skilled workforce
  • higher quality content that is authoritative and easy-to-use

"The right information, to the right people - wherever and whenever they need it."

Look out for future posts on how CTS is achieving this and how you can get involved.

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