2022-2027 Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture ENRA Research Programme Mid-programme Review Report

From: Scottish Government
Published: Thu May 09 2024

This report presents the findings of the Mid-programme Review of the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Research Programme 2022 to 2027.


The 2022-2027 Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (ENRA) Research Programme funds a large number of multi-year research projects and underpinning services. The total annual budget for the ENRA research programme is approximately £47m. Further detail on the programme structure can be found in Annex B.

The Scottish Government's vision for the strategic research programme is: “to support research that is relevant, respected and responsive to Scotland's environment, communities, its people and to the rural economy” as set out in the Strategy for ENRA research.

The science delivered within the strategic research programme and underpinning services falls within the following research themes:

One aspect of Quality Assurance within programme delivery undertaken by Scottish Government is to complete a mid-programme review to ensure deliverability, efficacy and direction of the programme. Completing a mid-programme review provides an opportunity to influence decisions and help ensure the programme can realise its intended benefits.

Due to ongoing internal financial challenge, a commitment was made to bring forward the mid-programme review to 2023-24. The mid-programme review will assess both the Strategic Research Programme (SRP) investing circa £28m in 23-24 and the Underpinning National Capacity Programme (UNC) investing circa £8.5m in 23-24.

The mid-programme review looks to achieve the following outcomes:

  • We can assure Ministers that individual elements of the programme are meeting objectives, that these objectives are aligned to policy priorities and on track to achieving value for money
  • We have a basis for portfolio wide decisions

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