500,000 for East Africa

From: Scottish Government
Published: Mon Mar 06 2023

Funding to alleviate the food crisis.

500,000 funding is to be shared amongst four charities to support projects affected by the extreme drought in South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Christian Aid, Mercy Corps, SCIAF and Tearfund will each receive 125,000 from the Scottish Government's Humanitarian Emergency Fund. The support is targeted at projects that will alleviate the most urgent concerns relating to the food crisis including:

  • distributing food packages
  • enhancing access to water supplies
  • training hygiene promoters
  • providing cash transfers to households

East Africa is facing one of its most severe episodes of drought in decades, with the driest conditions seen in 40 years. The fifth consecutive rainy season is lower than expected and the forecast for the March-May 2023 season indicates below-average precipitation, further exacerbating the situation.

International Development Minister Neil Gray said:

The drought affecting countries in East Africa is one of the worst in decades and the situation is becoming ever more desperate. This funding will support four essential projects in South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya, ensuring people suffering from the drought receive necessary food supplies and enhanced access to clean water - a vital measure in preventing water borne diseases.

The Scottish Government is committed to fulfilling its role as a responsible and compassionate global citizen and this aid from our Humanitarian Emergency Fund will provide essential help to those in desperate need.


Christian Aid will target funding at communities in South Sudan to provide emergency food access and sanitation to over 4,000 people in Kodok, Upper Nile State. 681 households will receive cash transfers to meet their immediate food needs, in addition to sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion.

Mercy Corps will support vulnerable communities in north-eastern Kenya. 420 households will be supported with cash transfers for three months as part of a longer-term focused intervention.

The SCIAF project in Ethiopia will provide food supplies and access to safe water in Dasenech Woreda, South Omo Zone. 315 households will receive cash transfers for four months while the rehabilitation of shallow wells and water points, and the provision of water purification materials, will improve access to safe water for 7,000 households.

Tearfund's proposed project in Ethiopia will deliver emergency food assistance in Moyale District, Oromia Region. Three packages of food supplies will be provided to 334 households over a three-month period. In addition, supplementary blended food will be distributed to 70 individuals.

The Humanitarian Emergency Fund Panel is made up of eight leading humanitarian aid organisations in Scotland who advise and access the fund: Mercy Corps; Oxfam; British Red Cross; Islamic Relief; SCIAF; Christian Aid; Tearfund; and Save the Children.

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