Hosts for displaced people from Ukraine

From: Scottish Government
Published: Tue Nov 29 2022

Call for volunteers in Scotland.

People across Scotland are being asked to consider if they could open their homes to displaced people from Ukraine as part of a new campaign to find new hosts.

The campaign aims to increase the supply of volunteer hosts across the country for people who are currently in short-term welcome accommodation. A new webpage has been set up to provide prospective volunteers with clear information on the application process and what is expected should they be matched with a displaced person from Ukraine already in Scotland.

Hosts will register their details online which will then be sent to their local authority, where checks are undertaken to ensure that homes offered are suitable to host displaced people from Ukraine.

Minister with Special Responsibility for Refugees from Ukraine Neil Gray yesterday said:

I'm so proud of the warm welcome the people of Scotland have given to those fleeing the war in Ukraine. We have welcomed so many people through our Super Sponsor Scheme who would otherwise not have been able to travel. We don't want people to spend any more time than necessary in temporary accommodation and we are keen to match people with hosts as soon as we can.

We need more hosts and that's why we've launched this campaign. We know that being a host is a big commitment so we have set out exactly what will be expected so people can make an informed choice before providing their details. The most successful arrangements happen when both the needs of hosts and Ukrainians align. Many people may prefer to live in areas close to amenities and services, or close to pre-existing Ukrainian communities. In addition, volunteer hosts will have their own preferences and may not have space for larger family sizes or complex group compositions.

Matching takes time and considerable input. This is why we have increased resources to our local authorities to boost the process.

I'm extremely grateful to people who are already hosting, as well as those who have already put their details forward and are still waiting to be matched. Rest assured your generous offer is under consideration and your local authority will be in touch. Anyone who has already provided us with their details, will not need to do so again.

Simon Tyas MBE from Scot Hosts yesterday said:

We are pleased to support this campaign, which is very much needed. Over the past nine months, Scot Hosts been working with hosts (through the Facebook group Scotland Ukraine Host Support Group) and Ukrainian families across Scotland to try and ensure that they have a positive and effective time during their time together in Scotland. We've created a support network where hosts can share positive and negative experiences, and we stand ready to welcome new hosts who are willing and able to offer their homes.


To find out more about hosting or to apply to be a host visit,

Scotland is providing sanctuary to more displaced people per head of population than any other part of the UK. Since the conflict in Ukraine began, more than 21,500 people with a Scottish sponsor have arrived, representing more than 20% of all UK arrivals. Almost 18,000 of those who have arrived through the Scottish Government's successful Super Sponsor Scheme would have otherwise had to have found a private sponsor before being able to travel.

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