iMatter Survey 2022: Demographic Data Exploration

From: Scottish Government
Published: Wed Aug 02 2023

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care across Scotland, broken down by protected characteristics (as stated in Equality Act 2010). This report compiles data from the 2021 and 2022 iMatter survey.



The iMatter Continuous Improvement Model was developed by NHSScotland staff with the aim of engaging all staff in a way that feels right for them. The focus is on team-based understanding of experience, but it also offers information at various levels within organisations to evidence and help improve staff experience. As such, it can provide clarity on where to focus efforts for maximum impact, which in turn leads to better care, better health, and better value.

Demographic questions were first introduced in the Everyone Matters Pulse Survey 2020 and were added to the iMatter survey in 2021. They were again included in iMatter 2022. The questions asked are the same as those asked in the Scottish Census 2022 Scotland's Census 2022 paper questionnaires | Scotland's Census ( It is intended that in the future comparisons can be made to national statistics, but at this time the final 2022 census data is not available.

The full iMatter questionnaire is contained in Appendix 1

iMatter Fieldwork

The iMatter process uses Webropol to distribute electronic and paper questionnaires to NHSScotland employees, as well as those employed by the Local Authority who work in a Health & Social Care Partnership who chose to participate. In 2022, all 22 Health Boards and 29 H & SCPs took part, and all fieldwork was carried out between 16 May to 8 August 2022

Demographic Analysis

This report seeks to draw learning from the iMatter demographic data set that can be of value to Scottish Government and Health and Social Care, both in terms of profiling the workforce and exploring relationships between demographic characteristics and workplace experience.

The analysis looks in detail at how attitudes and experiences compare across various demographic groups. The learning will support activity around diversity and inclusion across Health and Social Care.

This report will act as a benchmark against which we will measure future progress. Currently, the report is presented at a national level, but we will continue investigating how we might present the report at individual Board level safely without compromising anonymity.

Where appropriate comparisons are made to the 2021 iMatter survey, in which the same set of questions were used and to the Everyone Matters Pulse Survey carried out in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, in which similar demographic questions were included.

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