Increase in number of grants given to young carers

From: Scottish Government
Published: Tue Jun 28 2022

Benefit unique to Scotland has paid 1.8 million

The number of people successfully applying for the Young Carer Grant has risen in the last year. A total of 2,490 applications were approved in 2021-22, up 200 from the previous year.

This means from its introduction in October 2019 until 30 April this year, more than 1.8 million had been paid out to 4,265 young people, with some getting the payment up to three times.

The Young Carer Grant, which is unique to Scotland, was increased from 308.15 to 326.65 from 1 April.

The payment is available for 16-18 year-olds who spend an average of 16 hours caring for a person or people in receipt of a disability benefit. As long as someone remains eligible, they can apply on an annual basis.

Minister for Social Security Ben Macpherson said:

The dedication shown by young carers in Scotland is remarkable and I am pleased that we can help to recognise their important contribution by offering extra financial support through the Scottish Government's Young Carer Grant.

At a time when many young people are leaving school and taking advantage of new opportunities, it is right that we recognise for many people aged between 16 and 18 those chances are impacted by their caring responsibilities and the time they devote to loved ones.

I am encouraged by the increase in successful applications for our Young Carer Grant, which is only available in Scotland, and we will continue to pro-actively increase awareness and encourage take up of this benefit.

If anyone thinks they, or someone they know, might be eligible, I'd encourage them to find out more and apply.


  • Full details on the statistics are available to view at the website.
  • Young carers can apply if they are at school, in further education, employed or unemployed. People can apply once a year as long as they remain eligible. The payment is a cash benefit and people can spend it as they choose.
  • In total 9,460 applications were received for Young Carer Grant by 30 April 2022, 3,930 of which were received in the 2021/22 financial year.
  • People can find out more and apply for Young Carer Grant at the website or by calling 0800 182 2222.
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