Record medical trainee recruitment levels

From: Scottish Government
Published: Wed Jul 26 2023

New starts will begin training this August.

More medical training posts have been accepted at this stage of the recruitment year than ever before - exceeding last year's record by 100 posts.

NHS Education for Scotland data as of 25 July 2023 shows that 1,061 posts have been filled so far this year from 1,137 advertised.

This includes 100% fill rates at entry level in General Practice, Psychiatry, Anaesthetics, Radiology and Emergency Medicine.

These trainee doctors will take up post in August 2023. Another recruitment round will be held before the end of the year for those taking up post in February 2024.

Minister for Public Health Jenni Minto said:

“I am delighted to see that Scotland continues to be recognised as a highly desirable place both to live and pursue a career in medicine. This is testament to our world-class medical education and training system as well as those working hard to prepare the next generation of doctors who will look after us in the future.

“These results show that NHS Scotland continues to grow accordingly to meet the needs of its patients and I look forward to welcoming these new doctors into the health service.”

NHS Education for Scotland Medical Director Dr Emma Watson said:

“As of yesterday, 93% of posts advertised for August 2023 start dates in Scotland are filled.

“Many programmes have filled at 100% and in programmes which have not filled, we are working to understand why. There has also been a significant expansion of training posts across Scotland, particularly in General Practice which has a current fill rate of 100%.”


HEE have used data from 17 June 2023. Recruitment is ongoing and NES has used figures from 25 July 2023.

At the equivalent stage of the 2022 recruitment year, 1,016 posts had been advertised and 961 had been filled (giving a 95% fill rate). While this year's fill rate is slightly lower than it was at this stage in 2022, overall 121 more posts have been advertised and 100 more have been filled so far compared to the same time last year.

100% of posts advertised in General Practice have been filled successfully (273 out of 273). 46 posts were advertised in Core Psychiatry, 68 in Core Anaesthetics, 36 in Clinical Radiology and 28 in Emergency Medicine at entry level. All of these posts filled successfully.

Company: Scottish Government

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