Navy Digital's Kraken awarded an enterprise licence making it available to the entire Royal Navy for business insight.

From: Defence Digital Defence
Published: Tue May 09 2023

Navy Digital - Data and Navy Applications (DNA) have provisioned an Enterprise Licence for the Palantir Foundry Data Integration and Analytics Platform - coined Kraken. This is a market leading application that offers business areas the ability to connect discrete systems for data analytics and business insight.

By making the platform available at an enterprise level, the Kraken Programme Team seek to reflect organisational information flow in the platform, effectively creating an enterprise digital twin. For this to be effective it requires business areas across the Royal Navy to embrace the technology to improve efficiency, insight and decision making. As such, the Kraken Programme Team are seeking to enable rapid access to the platform for any user, supported by virtual learning journeys. For those that wish to build bespoke tools and workspaces, there is a free of charge 2-week developer training course that teaches the skills required for Application Development and Data Engineering. 860 such learning days have already been delivered.

The team hope that through user adoption and requests for data sets and data connections to be added to the platform, submitted via the Navy Digital Front Door, it will grow both in size and diversity but also in the user's ability to easily cross-reference huge numbers of different data sets during evaluation and decision making.

No longer will you have to copy and paste from multiple SharePoint lists, databases, or source systems. Instead with a few days of learning you can access the relevant data, typically in a completely automated workflow, and pivot that data to your particular business need.

The Kraken Programme is also launching its enterprise POD roll out, which is being designed by Lt Jamie Hodge. This provides an opportunity for business areas of different sizes to work with Jamie and the Kraken Programme Team to understand how they can best port their business functions into Kraken and build a suite of tools and products that enable more effective and efficient delivery. With a POD in your area, you will have ready access to a support network, training products and immediate datasets - with the option to revert to Navy Digital for builds that are too complex or time consuming.

Case Study - DNA building for the customer

Recently a workspace request was submitted to DNA by 2SL. The team rapidly understood the requirement, made a mock up, obtained user feedback, developed a prototype, iterated,
and released the product to the customer. Whilst this output was created by the Kraken team, citizen developers can build their own interfaces that access their data for their Unit's needs.

"Consider using Kraken if you regularly access data and have to manipulate it to your needs. With a little bit of learning you will be able to save time and likely improve insight into your data." - Lee Packer, Kraken SRO.

Need a product?

The Navy Digital Front Door is the first port of call to request a digital product. The team will assess your needs and attribute it to the most appropriate technology. If you have a preference for Kraken, then please state this and emphasise why you believe this is the correct tool for your requirement.

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