Armenia – Telephone conversation between Catherine Colonna and her Armenian counterpart (06.07.23)

Published: Fri Jul 07 2023

Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, spoke on the telephone to her Armenian counterpart, Mr Ararat Mirzoyan, on 6 July 2023.

The ministers discussed the state of talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan following a negotiation session in Washington (27-29 June) and shortly before a new meeting due to be held in Brussels between Prime Minister N. Pachinyan and President Aliyev under the aegis of the President of the European Council. The Minister reiterated France's full support for the European and American mediation efforts.

The Minister confirmed France's full mobilization in support of the negotiations under way between Armenia and Azerbaijan on all outstanding issues. She emphasized that only an agreement that respects international law, guaranteeing the opportunity for the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh to continue living there with their rights and culture respected, could lead to a just and lasting peace between the two countries.

The Minister also expressed her concern about the worsening security situation on the ground.

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