Israel-Palestinian Territories - Q&A (05.07.23)

Published: Wed Jul 05 2023

In an official statement dated July 4, you indicated that “Israel's security requirements cannot exempt it from complying with its international obligations under humanitarian law, including the necessity of protecting civilians in the Occupied Territories and using force proportionately.”

What objective fact is this warning based on? Are you aware of a failure by the Israeli army to “comply with international obligations under humanitarian law” in the difficult battle it is waging in Jenin against heavily armed jihadist militias? Are you aware of a “disproportionate use of force” in these operations, whose sole aim is to dismantle those armed groups before they commit terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians?

Israel has the right to defend itself, and France is staunchly committed to its security. However, exercising this right comes with very clear obligations, given Israel's status as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention: Israel must protect Palestinian civilians, use force proportionately and fully abide by international humanitarian law, which applies in the Palestinian Territories.

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